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Jewel Freestanding / Insert / Modular

Jewel Freestanding / Insert / Modular

The double sided Jewel range of heaters feature sleek flat windows and come in freestanding, insert or modular models.  Through wall options are available for Freestanding and Modular models, and masonry installation only for Insert models.

Standard Features

  • 2x 3-Speed Fans
  • Cast Iron Lined
  • 8mm Baffle Plate
  • 10 Year Firebox Warranty
  • Dual-Action Handle Latch
  • Thermostatic Fan Control
  • Modular 1200mm Bench Option


RRP from $8,070 – $8,230*

* Indicative pricing only – pricing can vary depending on installation, freight, taxes, dealer promotions etc.

Not including optional bench or wall kits